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For a long time - and after educating myself about Eating Disorders - I was ruminating over "Bodybuilding", as I think that it is a sort of disorder behaviour.

Because, what is the difference between two people both of them are obsessing with food, body shape, losing weight, but one of them has big muscles and the other is extremely thin?

The only different is their appearance, their outward appearance -

This appearance prompts others to say that the one who has the muscles is healthy, and the other one is sick.

All of this is happening because we used to treat Eds as they are only about thinness

- we kept judging patients according to their physical appearance regardless of their behaviors.

I am convinced that bodybuilding is a sort of Eating Disorder (maybe Bigorexia).. Which could open the door for the controversial topic of, "I am not sick enough to deserve help".

Thanks a lot for highlighting this important side.

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